About Us

While we try and get the content game correct on our platform, there are dozens of field tech news collectors in the field looking to come back to us with the next viral update. The efforts we keep investing into the entire business physically are always measured and their results too placed on a calibration to keep everything in perspective. All efforts that demand a lot of effort and bring out the least or less than expected results are scraped for those that yield the best results.

The structured model that we implement across all business processes has been the key factor in keeping everything glued together. Going through all the processes and coming out with content that gets all readers engaged is the quality we seek in all the people that get the task of creating content for the platform.

Our writers are from a lot of cultural and racial varieties, this helps us connect with the readers regardless of what angle they are reading from. Another trait that screams as soon as you walk into our offices is that of humble intelligence. Technology itself is an intellectually stimulating field, and those who cover it through us measure up to the readers in understanding the latest technology concepts.